Why don't you require a down payment?

We put our customers first. You don't have to pay us until your windows are installed and you are 100% satisfied. It's that easy. Some people have a hard time believing this when they first hear it. If you need more proof visit our review section.
Who will be working with regarding my windows & doors?
You will deal directly with Dan Grahovac, the owner. No middle man or multiple levels of management. When an owner tells you this is what's going to happen, you better believe that's what's going to happen. They have everything to lose if they don't!!
How can you accurately estimate my window and door costs without coming to my home?
We've been doing this for years.....it's our little secret. Give us a few minutes on the phone and we'll be able to walk you through a few questions and we'll be able to get you an estimate.
Once I receive my estimate will it change once you come out to my home?

Not unless there's some extreme structural damage to your home. Other than that we can make adjustments for just about anything.
Do you offer financing?
Yes. We have a few different programs depending on your needs. Anything from 12 months same as cash or extended payment options.
Can you install my windows and doors in the winter?
Yes. We will try to work around the weather as much as we can....but as they say the show must go on.
Why are your windows so cost effective?
Simply put, we don't have the fancy showrooms, numerous levels of overhead or an expensive commissioned sales force to pay for. These are costly and guess who pays for these? 
What type of warranty do you have?
Our Windows and Patio Doors have a lifetime warranty.
Do you have a high quality product?
If we're guaranteeing a lifetime of excellence, we certainly don't want to replace your windows and doors every few years. We have one of the highest rated, energy efficient product lines in the industry.
If you don't come to our home, how can we see the product? 
Once you go through the process and commit to Zen Windows, we will send out our installation manager to measure your home and at this point he can show you the window samples if you would like. You can also see our windows here.