Is A 5 Minute Quote Even Possible?
YES. It Is.

The fact is, way too many contractors in Cleveland waste time with annoying, intrusive sales pitches. It's just not neccessary, unless you're a company trying milk the customer for every dime they have.

We just cut out all the fluff, making everything really simple. We just get a few pieces of information from you, the homeowner, and put together an accurate quote. It really is that easy.

What is it like when you decide to contact us for your quote?

When you call, we collect some simple info such as why you are replacing your windows. Once we understand your goal, we can tailor a quote to fit your needs.

We will also get some additional information about your home and hear what your questions are. We'll introduce our process and who we are. We do NOT sell you windows. We quote you based on what you're trying to accomplish with an accurate and fair quote.

The entire process usually takes between 5 to 10 minutes and we send your quote via email within 1 day. 

It really is that simple.

Common questions and concerns about our simple process

You haven't seen my home so how can you accurately quote my price?

Usually we can pull up photos of your home via property records or other resources on the web. We have also perfected the right questions to ask which makes our quote process seemless.

And if you decide to go with Zen, our project manager will stop by your house to complete the full measurement.

What if Zen makes a mistake on my quote?

Your price NEVER changes, period. If we make a mistake, we eat the cost. There are no hidden fees or sneaky tactics.

The other window companies came to my house but you didn't. Something must be missing from your quote process. Right?

Nothing is wrong. In fact, it's a much better process for you and us. We just leave out all the sales pressure and fluff. The process of pricing new window installation in Cleveland is a straight forward calculation based on the number of windows you need along with the style and options you choose.

If this simple process sounds like your perfect window buying experience, give us a call or fill out the form on the right. It take just a few minutes.