Energy Star Partner

Zen Windows Cleveland, LLC, an ENERGY STAR partner is happy to provide the most energy efficient windows in the industry. Our line of products are by far the most recognizable, what we consider a real engineering triumph that withstands any type of weather and maintains optimal energy usage. By purchasing our window products, it guarantees a significant decrease in your cooling and heating costs.

But what is ENERGY STAR? It's an Environmental Protection Agency that is based in the United States with a mandate to encourage individuals and businesses to produce high quality and energy efficient products. On the other hand, there are certain minimum requirements that the windows must meet to earn the label “ENERGY STAR”. Insulation properties is the first qualification test of the windows that will determine its consideration of the ENERGY STAR label. Our windows have many features that comply with the base requirements:

1. Heat locking using vinyl frames

2, Advanced insulation using krypton or argon gas between the triple- or double- paned glasses

3. Ultraviolet blocking using glass coating with low-E

4. Additional insulation provided by polyurethane foam that fills the frames and sashes

5. Air blockage using state of the art triple-weather stripping.

6. Minimal air infiltration due to tight seals.

Other certifications that our windows have obtained besides ENERGY STAR label include the American AAMA. Our company also is a member of the America’s rating council, the NFRC. This council is focused on administering ways to measure skylights, windows and door energy efficiencies.